theboardiQ Board Profile Generator — Step 3

Smitashree Menon
5 min readMar 8, 2021

Enabling the creation of Inclusive Boards for Businesses

We have a mission — #unitednations Sustainability Goal #5 — Gender Equality — a fundamental human right, a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

This is a first of its kind Board Profile that contextualizes your skills, knowledge, experience, demographic, race and ethnicity profile to find the best fit match for Board Vacancies.

Unique and differentiated approach

theboardiQ Skills Profile ascertains your competency levels on the core Board Skills required for Board Roles. Lets examine them:

1. CEO and Business Head

Do you have experience in “Public or Private Company CEO or Executive Leadership Skills”, including hands-on responsibility for strategic and operational planning, financial reporting, compliance, risk management, and talent management, and a track record of success in delivering growth strategies. Specific attributes include ability to manage complexity and ethical approach to conducting business.

2. International Experience

Do you have “International Experience”? Your track record of growing market share and revenue in markets around the world; an understanding of how to drive growth in both mature and emerging markets, as well as regulated and free markets; and insight into the talent needs of diverse geographic markets.

3. Human Capital Management

Do you have “Human Capital Management” experience? Your track record of experience related to People — this has become an increasingly important criteria. Exposure and understanding in matters pertaining to governance of key workplace policies (without getting into management and operational matters) — ethics and compliance, prevention of sexual harassment and workplace safety, business conduct, employee engagement and other key metrics.

4. Executive Compensation